The Inner Circle Syndicate
"Enter The World of Professional Betting and  -  Totally Tax-Free Cash!"

Why is the Inner Circle Syndicate so good?

The Inner Circle Syndicate is the best racing service in the UK. The reason is because I only use one system now that keeps giving winner after winner and massive profits.

How does The Inner Circle Syndicate work?

When you join you will be given an information pack containing the Telephone number to call each day. You will be given your own PIN to access the daily message at 11 am every day.

How much should I bet?

Because everyone has a different financial background, it is important that you do not bet more than you can afford to. Having said we recommend that you start with no less than £100.00 as a betting bank (pool of money). When your betting bank doubles you double your stakes. All is fully explained in your information pack.

Will there be a bet every day?

No,but the system will select bets most days there is racing in the UK. The only time we don’t bet is when the racing is off due to the weather conditions.

Does every bet win?

Unfortunately not! The strike rate of winning bets using the system is around 80% on a monthly basis. This has been consistent since we began operating several months ago.

Are you sure this will work?

Yes I am 100% confident and I am totally dedicated to running the Inner Circle Syndicate.

Can we contact you?

Yes I will give you my personal contact details when you join.

Can we meet up with you and other members?

Yes we will be arranging seminars and days at the races for all members.

Do you bet the selections yourself?

Yes I have an account with Betfair and I hope to win well over £100,000 this season.

Why do you run the Inner Circle Syndicate?

It’s another income stream and I truly believe working with people like yourself will help us all to benefit in the long run.

How long is the Inner Circle Syndicate offer open?

At the time of writing I have just released a few more places. It really is something very, very special, so please don’t miss out. I will not contact you again.

Is it a good time to join?

Yes, it’s the only way I can see us beating the recession. With house prices crashing and no one’s job being safe etc, this is a way to make tax free money in very hard times.

Will the Inner Circle Syndicated information be relayed?

No. Every client is fully vetted. That’s why only people like yourself are invited to join. It is a real exclusive syndicate. Members are recruited strictly by invitation only.

Will you stand by your cast iron free trial offer?

Yes. If for any reason you are not happy, then simply unsubscribe without paying a penny!

How much time will it take to get the bet?

You can rest in the knowledge that the message contains no waffle and the bets are given out within 60 seconds on a non-premium, cheap rate call costing pennies wherever you are in the country.

Do I have to sign up for a certain amount of time?

No. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Are there any other charges?

No, you will only pay a one off fee for the bets nothing more.

Do I have to work anything out for myself?

No, that’s what you are paying me for, so all you need to do is call the line place your bets and collect your winnings.

What happens if I miss a bet?

You just carry on with your betting as normal.

How do you select the bets?

I only use this new method, which has taken me over 20 years to find. It is very, very successful.

Is this different from anything you have done before?

Totally. It`s the best syndicate I have offered and totally different to anything you have had before.

Do you back the selections yourself?
Most definitely I make most of my income this way.
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